“May the Lord be gracious to us, bless us, and make his face to shine upon us, that your way may be known no earth, your saving power among all nations.” – Psalm 67:1-2

To provide clean and living water to the poor in areas with little access to the gospel, Neverthirst partners with local pastors to improve community health by executing a comprehensive water and sanitation strategy in villages. The water project then becomes a platform to share the gospel.

The Gospel message is being proclaimed throughout the villages that have received clean water. The village pastors have existing long-term relationships with most of the villages with which Neverthirst chooses to work with. Pastos actively engage in some type of evangelism. The water projects give the pastors greater access to the wider community, as they’re involved in mobilizing everyone to raise necessary repair and maintenance funds. In cases where there has been resistance to the gospel, these projects help build good relationships with village leadership and the broader community.

Neverthirst has water projects in India, Cambodia, South Sudan, and Sudan. In 2014 it completed 925 water projects. It anticipates that 2015 will be its busiest year with 1,240 projects slated—140 in India, 765 in Cambodia, 35 in South Sudan, and 300 in Sudan.
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