Romans 10:17 “….faith comes from hearing…”

To enable people to hear the gospel in their native language, FCBH trains implementing partners (often pastors and ministry workers) to host listening groups in their area. FCBH provides them with dramatic audio recording of the New Testament on a Proclaimer; the leaders are responsible for launching multiple listening groups. Many listening groups also launch additional groups.

Did you know that a large percent of the world’s population cannot read? That’s why Faith Comes by Hearing (FCBH) records and uses audio bibles to reach the world. They believe God’s Word is for all people, especially those with the least access – namely, the world’s poor and illiterate. With over 35 years of ministry, FCBH has given hope and strength to those who take the time to listen. The Proclaimer can be used in the most remote and rugged locations. The Proclaimer’s embedded microchip is pre-loaded with the New Testament in the heart languages of the world. Indigenous believers take these life-changing audio bibles into their villages and start listening groups. The Proclaimer is loud enoughto be heard by up to 350 people.
Each Proclaimer costs $157 and is used to train the indigenous pastors and church leaders. These leaders start listening groups of about 90 people. The cost of 157 also provides missionary support and his transportation into villages and unreached areas.

In 2014, FCBH deployed 36,172 Proclaimers worldwide.

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