Reaching the “ends of the earth” people who have come to America

Foreign missions has come to America in a way we might not have previously imagined through Christ for All Peoples (CAP). America is a bastion of freedom, openness, and education. Nearly 70 million people, who still speak a foreign language at home, have come to the United States seeking a better life.

To reach immigrants from nations with limited religious freedom who may have never heard the gospel of Christ, CAP casts vision, trains, and equips Christians to reach immigrants, refugees, and international students to share Christ effectively, primarily through use of the JESUS Film and Bibles in other languages. The people CAP equips and trains are often local Christians and ministry leaders who see people from other countries that have moved into their communities and want to reach them with the gospel. CAP also equips and trains immigrant and refugee pastors who live among the internationals. CAP has discovered many immigrant pastors’ networks and associations in America who need assistance to reach their people here and also need help to reach their people back in their home countries. CAP has equipped thousands of leaders, and through these leaders, God has led tens of thousands of immigrants in America have been saved.

This is a new way to speed up the fulfilling of the great Commission, to reach the internationals here and through them, as they talk to family and friends at home, reach back into unreached parts of the world. All Christians can become more aware of the global context we live in and become a part of the Great Commission God has brought to U.S.

Because of CAP’s ministry, 52,000 immigrants living in America came to know Christ in 2014.

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