97% of all Christian giving is used to minister to Christians.
Most of this is used to minister to the wealthiest Christians in the world

Of the millions of great ministry partnership opportunities to give to today, how do we choose?

Henry Blackaby said, “Find out where God is doing great things and join Him there.”

This is a great approach, as “the harvest is ripe and the workers are few.” Jesus also taught us to “produce good and lasting fruit” – the KJV New Testament mentions “fruit” 70+ times, and it’s most often used in this context.

ROI Ministry offers specific application for this biblical principle in the form of  Kingdom investment opportunities that will matter to you, God and many others forever!

With the help of the largest Christian foundations, exhaustive World Christian Trend research, and with very strategic Kingdom investors, we were able to identify ministries that are experiencing phenomenal reaping seasons of abundant lasting fruit.

These are the ministries where God is doing great things, and in marketplace terms, a phenomenal (and eternal) Return on Investment (ROI) is being achieved. We call this eROI! These ministries offer the opportunity to invest in lives saved, disciples made, orphans and poor children fed, clean water to African villagers – all in Jesus’ name. These are not simply charities which address the symptoms of the world’s woes, but ministries that also heal the root cause through a relationship with Jesus Christ.



If we look at the church’s checkbook, we discover some hard trends. The WCT research reveals that 97% of all worldwide Christian resources (i.e., money earmarked for Christian causes) are used to minister to those who are both wealthy and/or already Christian. In fact, only one third of one percent (three cents of every ten dollars) of the annual $270 billion raised worldwide for all Christian causes goes to reach those who have never heard of Jesus Christ. Yes that’s only 1/3 of 1 percent, a fraction of one percent of ALL Christian resources to share Jesus Christ to those who have not heard a gospel message in their native tongue. These are also the more than one billion people who live on less than a dollar a day. They are the world’s least educated and most malnourished, with the world’s highest infant mortality rate.

World C – A better investment for God?

Compared to our Global population, World C contains only about a third of the total number of people in comparison to Worlds A & B. World C consumes nearly all church resources – especially the wealthier Christian nations. The amount of resources per baptism and per public profession of faith in much of World C averages around $1.8 million dollars per person:

–    U.S. $1,551,000

–     Britain $1,816,000

–     Australia $1,104,000

–     Belgium $2,100,000

–     France $2,100,000

–     Ireland $2,190,000

–     Greenland $1,824,000

On average, $1.8 million is utilized to reach one person living in the Nations listed above. The average for a person in World A & B is approximately $6,000.. Amazingly, it is 300 times less expensive, per person, than World C.

– Cambodia $4,300

– Nepal $3,700

– Malawi $4,300

– Tanzania $2,500

– Mozambique $1,400

– India $9,800

– China $15,800

This research reveals a stewardship crisis. We use most of God’s resources to continuously minister to the richer, more gospel-saturated populations to the tune of $1.8 million dollars per new believer. We do this at the expense of 300 unreached peoples in the poorer and lost nations of the world.


You Are The Key

At ROI Ministry you will always be more important to us than any gift you provide to a “Top 10” ministry. ROI Ministry will ask nothing from you – the giver is always greater than the gift. In exhibiting this to you, our Board covers all our expenses so we can freely come alongside you in your Christian journey. This allows us to be unbiased fellow Christians simply showing by example what we have discovered.

Jesus initially handpicked 12 ordinary men from the marketplace to change the world, and He can still do the same with thousands of you today.

Our Board gives enormous amounts of valuable time, talent, influence, and resources in order to share these phenomenal eternal returns on your Kingdom investments. We don’t simply add value, but we open the door for God to multiply it through these Top 10 ministries. We hope to one day hear, “Well done my good and faithful servant…come and share in your master’s happiness.” For now, we pray that we do this with the attitude of …

“when you have done everything you were told to do, you should say,

‘We are unworthy servants; we have only done our duty.’” Luke 17:1