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10 Smarter Ways to Invest Your Tax Refund Check




Over 1,000 ways to invest tax refund dollars surveyed for effectiveness using eROI evaluation process


Over the next three weeks, most of America will be receiving a nice little bounty for filing their taxes. On average, each taxpayer will receive a tax refund check for approximately $3,000 according to the IRS. The number one question in most households will be, “How do we spend it?” That all depends on who you are apparently: 60% of Generation Y will head to the bank, while only 36% of Generation X will have the discipline to put it away. 54% of single men actually stash away their tax refund while 63% of single women find ways to spend it. To help make some wise choices when that check in the mail arrives, Atlanta-based nonprofit has come up with a “Top 10 List of Smarter Ways to Spend Your 2013 Tax Refund.”

Americans definitely find a variety of ways to spend that refund check. A recent study by Travel Leaders Group found that 43.8% of those polled say they would use some or all of their return on travel. Over 1/3 of Americans plan to spend it on a vehicle-related purchase according to a new study by Ebay.

But what about those that want to spend it on something that has a little longer lasting impact than that all-inclusive resort vacation or shopping spree at the mall? A donation to a charity and nonprofit could be the best investment for impact you can make with that check from Uncle Sam. challenged exhaustive research, strategic givers and the largest Christian foundations in the world. After a reviewing nearly 1,000 causes, the donor advocacy group has produced a list of the 10 most impactful Christian charities to invest in using your tax refund check:


You – Individuals have ability to increase giving impact substantially


410 Bridge


Global Outreach Media


Faith Comes By Hearing


Legacy World Mission


Jesus Film Harvest Partners


Compassion International


Gospel for Asia


International Leadership Institute



To help taxpayers who want to invest their tax refund check wisely, ROI Ministry and National Christina Foundation (NCF) developed a website to give to the Top 10 Charities identified at