ROI Ministry Mission is to save lives with others by equipping you to most effectively utilize your time, talent, and treasure in the most loving, tangible, rewarding, impactful and sustainable ways. It has never been easier for your to make a lasing difference on any budget, thanks to all the hard work and huge ROI Ministry Founders and Board who’s invaluable contributions allows ROI Ministry to provide these resources to you, so that you can KNOW you are making a great difference in this world in lasting ways which really matter to God, you and many others for all of eternity!! Our Mission is to:


  • To provide a phenomenal kingdom investment opportunity to everyone on any budget, thanks to our ROI Ministry Board as they underwrite all ROI Ministry operating expense.
  • To partner you with some of the greatest ministry opportunities in the world, so that you will truly KNOW you’re making a HUGE lasting difference in the lives of many others.
  • To help you to become continually generous and add hundreds, thousands and for some millions of Facebook friends/Instagram followers (so to speak) for all of eternity;
  • To motivate you with an unconditional agape love that is revealed in a tangible ‘hands and feet’ agapao ‘Greatest Commandment’ love towards God and others. One that truly ‘more blessed to give, then to receive’ as it ultimately provides you with far more blessings.

*agapaó defined love – actively doing what the Lord prefers, with Him. I love, wish well to, take pleasure in, long for; denotes the love of reason, esteem as compared to agápē love – properly, love which centers in moral preference.

A purposeful agape and fruitful agapao* love will matter to you, God and others for all of eternity!


Jesus wonderfully defined this greatest purposeful and intentional love (i.e. in Greek, agapao) in action when he did not feel like doing it and said, “if you can let this cup pass from me”. Nonetheless, in the greatest act of love in all of history, he set aside his feelings and intentionally and sacrificially went to the cross. ‘Not my will but thy will be done’. Jesus did this for a great reason, the joyful reward that was set before him, which is amazingly, you and me!


When we delve into the Exhaustive Strong’s Concordance we discover that Jesus used the Greek word agapo when he spoke of love most often. It’s the action verb of agape. It’s about doing love as love does and the reason that James said that a faith that does not lead to good works, is no faith at all. Not that our own works could ever save us, it is only the great works Jesus did that achieved that and from that we pass that unconditional agape love to others in tangible agapao ways. Jesus used the Greek word agapoa far more than phileo (friendship love), storge (family love) and notably not once do we find eros in the New Testament, which is where the word erotic comes.


There is nothing sinful about the “eros” love when it is within the confines of marriage between a man and women as the bible clearly teaches. By worldly design, eros or erotic is the number one definition of the word love that we discover in our society today. This is the definition of the word love which is misused by most today with selfish and perverse motives to justify numerous sins against God, our own bodies and towards each other. It’s ROI Ministries to help you move towards Gods greatest love, and conversely away from this other which is at enmity against Him and ultimately us.  Here are just a few important examples of Agapo used to best define love in the New Testament and our ROI Ministry mission.


  • When Jesus went defines the Greatest’s Commandment, which is the only one we have to really know and follow daily;
  • When Jesus when to the cross;
  • When Jesus instructed Peter (and us) to feed my sheep, after his resurrection;
  • When Paul teaches about the greatest motivation for Love in 1 Corinthians 13 and;
  • When Jesus instructs the church to return to its first love in Revelation.
  • When “God so loved (agapao) the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life.”


The greatest love is NOT based on feeling that can change by the hour. Agape love in action is agapo love, is an exercise of the will, a deliberate and often sacrificial choice and is the kind of love and this is our mission! To help others love as Jesus loves in this unselfish ways and in doing this we can play a great part in saving many many lives for all of eternity by intentionally and wisely utilizing all that God has given to us. This is as we take care of our families and support our local churches as it often goes against how we selfishly feel. The biblical and best use of money competes with all the things this world has to offer as the world also falsely professes to provide us with lasting excitement, love and acceptance, value and worth. However it never delivers in the long run as we will only really discover this in a growing and faithful relationship with Jesus Christ!


ROI Ministry Vision is to lead Christians, which is the church back into an intentional agape/agapo loving relationship with Jesus and through him and with the resources entrusted to us, to reach the world for God. Simply put, ROI Ministry is about saving lives by encouraging others to store up their rewards in heaven where moth, rust and market fluctuations can never destroy. We do this with resources God has entrusted to us as Proverbs 11:30 teaches us that “one who saves souls is wise” which is the work of the Holy Spirit, which occurs most often through us. Can money ever achieve this by itself? No. However Jesus talked more about the use of money more than most other subjects and it was most often about how Christians are to use it wisely. Money is NOT evil, only the love of it is and this is seen by people who don’t regularly, wisely and generously to honor God, and to further his loving mission with it. Conversely, there are others that do honor God with money and He often blesses them with even more so that they can “be generous on every occasion” and do even far greater things for Him and others! We call these are ‘One Percenters’, which we hope to lead you to join us and other ‘One Percenter’ examples into a growing, closer and more impactful relationship with Jesus Christ.


In our brief ROI Ministry existence and in partnership with you, through the Top 10 and with many other kingdom minded people like you, we have had the privilege of impacting the lives of nearly a million people for all of eternity!! It’s the lasting fruit as the result of your gift of $5, $10, $100, $1,000 and $10,000 dollar through our Top 10 Ministries. Although God is not impressed with the amount of our gifts unless it’s truly sacrificial such as the widow’s mites, we nonetheless celebrate with the angles the huge lasting impact they will make through our Top 10 Ministries. God also says he will greatly reward us for this, so there is no need for any accolades from him for this. Some will often see blessings in this in this life as a results of giving their time, talent and treasures to others, but more importantly we will all be blessed forever in the life that matters forever, by faithfully doing this. At ROI Ministry, we feel that one day you will have the opportunity to meet all these people you have positively impacted, albeit the result of a very faithful small and or very faithful large gift through our Top 10 that will bless God and many others.


What is this impact we are talking about that is being achieved for just a few dollars through our Top 10? It’s the very important part of your gift that plays a huge part in saved lives through evangelism, discipleship and Jesus first compassion ministries. Evangelism is simply sharing Jesus with others. Discipleship is when we or others teach people about Jesus love, character and his great purpose of us, using his words as recorded in the many books that make up the bible.  Chris first compassion ministry are those good works that fully embrace and apply the wisdom of providing the only true and sustainable gift that matters for all of eternity, along with clean water, food, shelter, educational, medical and  many other very important needs. That is, paying this agapao love forward by sharing and leading others along in their relationship with Jesus, in fruitful, tangible and lasting ways.


Our ROI Ministry Mission and Vision is to help you do this, so that you can KNOW you’re making a lasting difference that matters to God, you and others forever! Our mission and vision is simply the Greatest Commandment.


ROI Ministry One Percenter Mission and Vision – After providing for the basic needs of our own families and supporting our local churches, we can take up our own cross to sacrifice God given financial resources which is sometimes the result of our blood, sweat and tears, to save the lives others. This is what Jesus did for us on the way to the Cross and we are doing this (albeit on a much smaller scale) when we pass up a newer or nicer car, condo, home, toy or great vacation so that we can regularly support on a percentage basis to Gods lasting kingdom.  This describes our ROI Ministry One Percenter’s, one who regularly gives through our Top 10 NCF account, as they make the greatest impact overall through ROI Ministry.


Our Ultimate ROI Ministry Vision – In our lifetime and with God’s leading we believe that with you we can touch a billion people in tangible and eternally rewarding ways by utilizing this Jesus Minas and Talent giving model, as we have provided these Top 10 “treasure’s” that are figuratively “buried in a field”. This can be easily achieved with God as it only represents an additional one percent more to the overall $300 billion dollars of Christian giving to Top 10 Ministries in the specific areas of sharing Jesus to others (evangelism), leading people through Gods word the bible (discipleship) and being the hands and feet of Jesus in compassionate ways (compassion ministries) with a clear focus on fruitful evangelizing and making disciples.